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Apr 3

The Proposed Interactive Park for Deaf and Blind is an awareness to the public, a project that calls for equal opportunity. The sharing of concepts is then and again, a new upgrade- learning experience. To successfully create our common spaces that is safe, healthy and friendly to everyone, even to our environment is one definition of Happiness at Its Best. Truly, it humbled and taught me so much so much life time values, before and after. Such a good feeling, just to make it a habit.

Relief “Cocoon” Shelter- It has a potential to be transported through “Bayanihan”Spirit/ For Typhoon Yolanda Victims/ Concept by Nelson Abrigos/ Photo credit to a friend,Ar.CA Guanzon, Cebu

10 Ways to Become Earthquake Resilient/ Notes by Ar. Amillah Rodil

1. Build earthquake-resilient buildings and infrastructure. Ensure that these are designed by a registered structural engineer. 

2. Retrofit unsafe buildings and structures. This can focus on critical facilities such as hospitals and schools. A structural evaluation of these structures will need to be conducted to determine the level of earthquake resilience. Focus can be those facilities in liquefaction-prone areas.

3. Conduct periodic structural/ fire inspection. This involves monitoring of compliance of structures and buildings to building and fire codes. 

4. Require buildings/ infrastructures to be insured against earthquakes.

5. Update  zoning code and other related regulations. This may include:

  • Fault easement. A set distance (at least 5 meter in both sides) from the fault where development is not allowed.
  • Site planning standards, such as open space provisions for evacuation and access for emergency vehicles.
  • Height and density restrictions
  • For areas prone to liquefaction, requirements such as:  
  • Conduct of geotesting to verify soil suitability
  • Employment of soil mitigation such as engineered fill if found neccessary
  • Employment of structural mitigation such as mat foundation or piles if found necessary.

6.   Designate open spaces for evacuation/ temporary shelter. Each barangay should designate potential evacuation areas in the event of an earthquake where people can stay temporarily. Ideally these should be public open spaces. Should public open spaces not exist, the City can explore land acquisition in tandem with a park development program.  

7.   Designate  emergency access/ evacuation routes. Each barangay should also identify access routes for evacuation as well as emergency response. These access routes should be kept free from obstructions with a clear space for emergency vehicles to pass through. Alternative routes should be explored in case major routes are blocked.

8.  Conduct regular evacuation drills. These drills can be conducted in government centers and schools particularly for multi-storey buildlings.

9.  Conduct regular IEC campaigns. This can be information on what to do during an earthquake, where to evacuate, etc. and done through seminars or leaflets.

10.  Build capacity for earthquake emergency response. Improve the ff:

  • Search and rescue (for collapsed buildings/ structures). Resources for search and rescue in case of collapsed buildings/ structures need to be identified. In case these are not available equipment may need to be procured.
  • Fire suppression. This involves improving capacity of the local fire station as well as ensuring that water supply and pressure is adequate for fire suppression particularly in heavily built up neighborhoods.
  • Debris handling/disposal capacity. Buildings may collapse and debris will need to be disposed of. Resources for debris handling and storage may be needed.

Belle Arte is an old Art Deco building, located at Bacolod City, Philippines. It is private owned by a lovely couple, who love to travel, design and explore.

For such a short time, I’m happy-privilege to be part of the design team, for its renovation and preservation.

THE RUINS- A charming spot in Bacolod with dramatic history. Known as the Taj Majal of the Philippines. Owned by a wealthy sugar baron, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson. The Ruins was a testimony of his undying love to his wife, Maria Braga.. Pag-ibig nga naman^^

What’s the best way to celebrate Father’s Day?

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Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begins + Lyrics (HD)


(via Beautiful Studio Loft of a Swedish Artist)


(via Beautiful Studio Loft of a Swedish Artist)

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